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As you can probably tell from this site’s URL, my name is Dave Ames.

I originally did a degree in Maths, and became a Secondary Maths teacher. In 2004 whilst still working Full Time as a Maths Teacher I did a second degree in Computing, Part Time ath the University of Bolton. Soon after I finished this degree, the Government announce that they were changing the National Curriculum disapplying the part that dealt with ICT and replacing it with a new subject Computer Science.

When the change was announced my school asked me if I wanted to change subjects. I agreed and became a Computer Science teacher as a result. I became a Computing At School Master Teacher when they created the role, whcih involved delivering CPD to colleagues who often didn’t have a background in Computer Science, mainly helping them learn to program. In 2014 I decided that 22 years as a school teacher was enough and I decided to leave the classroom with the intention of continuing to deliver training to colleagues as well as running workshops with students.

From September 2014 until Easter 2018 I ended up working multiple jobs all of which involved teaching people to program to a certain extent. Parts of this was through work with students still, but I also taught a large number of trainee teachers (all aspects of being a teacher not just programming) and existing teachers.

Since Easter 2018 I have been employed by a company called Fire Tech Camp as their Regional Manager for the North of England. Fire Tech deliver tech-focussed Holiday Camps for kids, as well as a variety of other similar activities. One of my roles is to write and a lot of the content that we deliver.

As a company we are looking to move into delivering various online courses both self-paced and delivered live by a tutor. In order to make these as high quality as possible I’m currently undertaking a Learning Design Theory course on edX, and these pages are my portfolio for that course.